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About Two Spots and Services Offered

About Us

Two Spots was founded by passionate, design, development and production gurus. Since its inception Two Spots has gone on to become one of the leading design and development firms that caters to affiliate marketers seeking to capitalize off the highly lucrative leads generating business. The work we do is primarily focused on assisting online casino and gambling affiliates to achieve their marketing goals. Our experience and passion is towards delivering well converting websites that speak to your website visitors.

Web Design

Our web design process starts with understanding our clients needs and then forging a plan on how to achieve the goals set out. We provide an all-encompassing service and can even assist clients with domain procurement and other services needed to get started. In general it’s our preference to work with clients who are well versed in the industry and have at least two years of experience under their belt.

With so many devices to cater to and platforms required to render correctly on without a responsive website it may prove difficult to cater to all your prospects equally well. That’s why at Two Spots we only design and build websites that use modern techniques to ensure that your website can render seamlessly across virtually all devices and platforms.

The websites we’ve built for our clients have effectively increased their conversions from clicks to depositors by an average of 15% which means we’ve ultimately helped increase their bottom line.

Content Management Solutions

Two Spots has developed one of the most highly efficient and effective content management solutions for affiliate marketing. Our proprietary system has been built from the ground up with the affiliate in mind. Many unique features that can assist in either the management of a single website or multiple websites have been integrated. Websites managed within our content management system can be hosted on one server or multiple servers which are geographically dispersed around the world. Asset management features as well as quick updating of multiple websites have been integrated into our solution as well. This ensures that affiliates who utilize our system can spend less time managing their websites and more time promoting them.

Custom Development

Most clients have somewhat unique needs, however this is something we can assist with as well if and when any custom development work is required in order to complete a project. Whether client or server-side work is required we can assist perform most tasks and custom development project as they are required.